Booking Fellow is an online appointment booking service for small and micro businesses like hair and beauty salons, barber shops, lawyers, consultants, car repair shops, tire shops, doctors, dentists, etc. It makes possible for the clients to book appointments for the services online on computers and smartphones.
Booking appointments online saves a lot of time for the business owner and the staff members and also makes the provided services more effective and professional.
We met several business owners who complained about not being able to find a decent appointment booking service that would meet their needs. They said the ones they found are pretty complicated to use, offer many features that they actually don't need but lack important features that they do need. We listened to them and created Booking Fellow.
The Booking Fellow infrastructure is securely hosted in Amazon's Virginia data center.
Our goals for the upcoming years are to maintain the high level of usability and to continuously implement new features and improvements based on the customer feedback.